What Steps Are Followed By West Village Opticians During An Examination?

In New York, opticians provide invaluable services for local patients. These services can lower the patient’s chances of developing a serious disease that could lead to permanent blindness. They can also lower the risk of death by locating and treating eye-related cancer at earlier stages. The following are the steps that are followed by West Village Opticians during an examination.

Dilation and Numbing Drops

The eye doctor will provide eye drops to start the dilation process. It is necessary for the doctor to review the entire eye especially the retina and optic nerve. The eye doctor will also provide numbing drops that will stop the patient from experiencing any pain or discomfort during the examination. The doctor may provide an additional set of drops as the eye examination continues.

Reviewing the Eye Chart

When checking the patient’s vision, the eye doctor uses a standard eye chart. This determines if the patient is near or farsighted. In these cases, the patient will require corrective lens to improve vision. They also have the option to acquire contact lens. Patients who don’t have any serious or more complex eye conditions could undergo Lasik to correct their vision permanently.

Reviewing the Eyes for Eye-Related Diseases

The eye doctor examines the eye to determine if the patient has glaucoma, cataracts, or any signs of eye-related cancer. If necessary, the eye doctor will acquire a tissue sample to determine the stage of cancer discovered. This gives the eye doctor the opportunity to eliminate cancer before it spreads.

Prescribing Glasses or Contact Lens

Typically, the doctor will need conduct additional measurements to determine what contact lens are best for the patient. The eye doctor provides the patient with a prescription for eyeglasses and/or contacts based on the patient’s preferences. The doctor also provides information about vision coverage to the glasses or contacts.

In New York, opticians provide amazing services for their local patients. These patients undergo comprehensive eye examinations to evaluate their vision and to identify any underlying diseases of the eye. Patients who need to schedule an appointment with West Village Opticians visit Charlottejonesopticians.com for office hours and further info about their services.

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