Shop Smart for a Used Mercedes in 4 Ways

There are many financial advantages to buying a used car. Cars depreciate so going for used ones mean you can save on plenty of cash. However, buying mistakes could negate those cost-savings. Read on for tips on how to shop smart for a used Mercedes in Pune:


The dealer might be trustworthy, telling you the car’s in mint condition, but that shouldn’t stop you from inspecting the car. It pays to see for yourself just how ‘fine’ the automobile is. Besides, you and the dealer might have different ideas when it comes to what’s in ‘mint’ condition. Don’t begin negotiations until you’ve inspected every inch of the car you wish to buy.

Test drive it

Call in and schedule a test drive for a used Mercedes in Pune. That way, they can prepare the ride for you. Test driving the car can be a thrilling experience. It gives you an idea how it feels to be behind the wheel of a Benz. A luxury car, even a used one, is designed to handle the road in a completely different way and the smoother ride you should get is an excellent example of that.

Ask for vehicle history

Don’t get sidetracked by low offers and freebies that you forget to ask about the vehicle history. The report will show if the car has been involved in any major accidents, says Money Saving Expert. Collisions are notorious for bringing out the worst in a car. Be wary of taking on cars that have been through extensive damage. Plenty don’t bounce back from the experience and often have long-term problems from the damage. That’s why it pays to know the car’s history before you buy it.

Choose a dealer

Pick a dealer with a good reputation for quality and excellence. Established and trusted ones like B.U. Bhandari Motors are a good place to start.

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