What Should Your Pet Groomer Do For Your Dog?

When you take your dog in to see a local pet groomer, you might just have a single service in mind. For example, maybe your dog needs a nail trim. Actually, this is only the beginning of Pet Grooming in Naperville. There are a number of services that your pet groomer should offer, and it is smart to choose a groomer who can become your one stop shop for general pet grooming needs. This article will tell you more about some of the most essential pet grooming services.

Nail Trims

Nail trims will usually take one of two different forms at a pet groomer. Perhaps most common is the standard nail trim using nail clippers that are specially made for cutting the tough toenails of your dog. Another option is the Dremel tool trim. A Dremel, which is also used commonly in home improvement projects, is a grinding device that can be equipped with a special bit that is well suited for very gentle removal of thin layers of the dog’s toenails.


Bathing the dog is rarely a fun experience for anyone, so why not leave it to the professionals? Dog groomers can bathe your dog using a high quality natural dog shampoo and then dry them using special pet dryers.

Clipping or Fur Trim

Many breeds have very long hair that can quickly get unruly if not kept under control with regular trims. Some pets, especially miniature breeds, may have a number of different “haircuts” available through your groomer. Not only do professional clipping and trimming appointments keep the pet’s fur under control, they also result in an adorable look.

De-Shedding Treaments

Your Pet Grooming in Naperville company may offer special de-shedding treatments for those “power shedders.” Even short haired dogs can shed enough to cover your house in fur, especially in the spring and summer time when they are growing their winter coats. A de-shedding treatment will remove all that excess fur and will make your pet more comfortable as well.

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