What Is Stump Grinding And Is It Important?

When a tree falls or is taken down for a reason, the stumps left behind should be removed at the same time. Stumps will continue to sucker and fungus will set in which may be detrimental to neighboring trees. Stumps are usually large and very heavy but they can be removed with the right equipment and techniques, one of which is stump grinding Madison area.

When a tree is downed while still alive, the root will continue to bear suckers and if the tree fell due to its death, the dead root will decay, often allowing honey fungus to set in. Honey fungus will attack the roots of healthy trees so removal will eliminate any possible risk of infection.

A tree stump can be removed at any time of year; the easiest and most convenient way to eliminate the stump is to hire a company that provides tree services. If the approach is to kill the root with chemicals, the chemicals must be applied when the tree is cut. If the chemicals are not applied to fresh cut wood they will not be effective.

How to remove a stump:

Under ideal circumstances the entire root will be removed but this is often not practical or possible. However, there are methods which are perfectly satisfactory.

Winch: If the tree that needs to come out is reasonably small in diameter, a winch can be used. For the winch to work effectively, the tree should be cut with a three or four foot stump above ground level. This will provide for the leverage that is necessary to break the stump free.

Excavator: If trees are being felled to clear a patch of land for new construction then the excavator that is used for land clearance can also be employed to remove the stumps. The size of the excavator will determine the method used. If it is a powerful machine it can either push the stump out with the blade or attach a chain and pull it out. Smaller excavators will dig around the stump and then either lift it out mechanically or have workers finish the job with grubbers and root cutters.

Stump grinders: Machines which are employed in stump grinding in Madison will get the root out quickly. These machines use a rotating grinding wheel with carbide teeth and can be very dangerous if not used properly. These machines can be rented but it is not advisable because of the possible dangers that the homeowner could expose himself to. The stump grinding in Madison will usually take the stump down 12 inches below the grade line. The remaining wood chips can be thrown back in the hole, used as mulch or be taken away by the tree service who did the grinding.


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