Audio Visual Phoenix Information

Arizona Cine Equipment was established after 1972, they provide services for special events industry. They are located in Southwestern United States in Arizona. The provide equipment for visual, audio, concert lighting, motion picture equipment and sound equipment. Their equipment is state-of-the-art and provides unsurpassed service. They provide rental services along with sales, product delivery, setup, production and system operation. The type of rental services that they provide an is for special events, corporate meetings, theater productions, trade show expositions, concerts, motion pictures and conferences. The people at Arizona Cine equipment strive to meet your expectations. The service that they provide is unparalleled to their competitors.

If you are looking for Audio Visual Phoenix, Their audio visual set up is for sale or can be rented, they provide full-blown productions. They can perform conferences, opening ceremonies, general sessions and breakout rooms. They have even provided for the 2010 election campaign for McCain in some functions for President Barack Obama.

Their sound engineers have extensive knowledge and expertise and are able to cater to corporate functions, small family affairs and full-blown concerts. They have in their disposal, portable systems, line array systems, concert systems, wireless microphones, and digital consoles, wireless communication, and even personal monitor systems. They have a wide array of lighting to make sure you’re covered. The types of lighting that they have are HMI, source 4 par can, source 4 ellipsoidal and many more.

The staging that they provide, range from single decks to mobile decks. They are able two put on full-blown concerts to even the smallest of functions. They provide railing, barricades, cable pass, scaffolding, parallels, crash rail, mobile stages, conventional staging, ramps, toe rails, stairs, chair stops, and even mobile stages.

If you are getting ready to stage an event for convention are looking for Audio Visual Phoenix. Then Arizona Cine Equipment is the company for you. They can provide you with flowers, chairs, tables, easels, poster boards, carpet, signage, I & D labor and pipe & drape. They have a multitude of different drape colors that you can choose from for your next convention. Which range from gold, silver, peach, white, red, Plum, Sea Foam, black, brown, and many more?

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