What is Personalized Grosgrain Ribbon?

Grosgrain is a fabric, it has very stiff weave and the ribbing gives it a tight and rigid structure. Personalized grosgrain ribbon is one of the many practical uses for it as is trim as the very tight weave makes it sturdy and stiff, ideal for military ribbons. Grosgrain ribbon is available in a wide range of colors as well as a neutral shade which is ideal for people who wish to dies it a special color. When the ribbon has been personalized it is only available on the roll but if not, it can be purchased in a craft store by the yard.

When grosgrain is made into ribbon form it has a feel similar to a corduroy fabric. It has stiff ribs that run from side to side and each side of the ribbon is edged with another rib running the length. Due to the way it is woven, it can come undone very easily where it is cut, consequently special care must be taken by sewing it over itself or treating the cut end with lacquer which stops it from unraveling. Grosgrain, when produced in other widths is an ideal fabric for use in gowns and formal wear jackets. The grosgrain stiffness adds certain crispness to the garment.

Grosgrain is used as a garment trim as well, it makes for nice contrast and provides a crisp edge. It is often the fabric of choice for ties and sashes on dresses as well as hat bands. It is produced in a myriad of designs for military campaign ribbons and other significant awards. This type of personalized grosgrain ribbon is available in a number of different widths but most often the choice is for wide ribbon.

Traditionally, grosgrain is a fabric that is made from silk but it can also be produced using synthetics such as nylon. Normal grosgrain ribbon is glossy, produced in solids and stripes. The usual manufacturing method is to have the stripes run across the ribs, the ribbon can be had with diamonds and other geometric shapes as well as simple stripes.

Once a grosgrain ribbon has been cut, care must be taken to see that the ends are well sealed otherwise it will unravel very quickly, this is especially true if the ribbon is holding a weight such as a medal, broach or other decorative piece.

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