What Is Metalwork — And Why This Ancient Practice Is Still Relevant Today?

If someone wanted to define fabrication, the common meaning that comes to mind is the one where someone isn’t telling the whole truth — “someone who fabricates a story.” Metal fabrication, on the other hand, is pretty useful and beneficial.

The process of altering metal into different structures (such as sheet metal, jewelry, and electronics, for instance) is known as metalwork.

Crafting metal has been a hobby, way of making a living, art, and necessity for centuries now. It can be dated back to pre-Biblical days, with many archaeologists siting copper as the first metal. Being a blacksmith is one of the oldest occupations in history. They crafted hammers, anvils, and tools.

Since then, technology has extended the processes to include more sophisticated projects and the use of special tools. Completed work of metal fabrication could be used in railing, building framework, gates, and grills. Interested people can take classes for personal enjoyment to take up a new hobby, but the industry itself has its place.

We are a metal society. We use metals like copper, aluminum, steel, and iron in everyday life. It would be tough to go through a full day without interacting with any metals — from bridges and airplanes to roof and plumbing work.

Metalworking takes precision and attention to detail. A good metalworking company can show you better than they can tell you since their work speaks for them. At SAMS Fabrications, they’re committed to offering a full range of fabrication services. Give them a call for a free estimate.

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