What is Involved with an Air Conditioner Replacement in Castlerock?

For homeowners who are about to experience their very first round of air conditioner replacement in Castlerock, the prospect may seem a little daunting. The fact is that the hard part is already out of the way. Once the new unit is chosen, the only thing that is left is to remove the older unit and put the new one in place. That process will only take a few hours. Does Anyone Have to be Home? One question that customers have is whether or not someone needs to be home while the new unit is put in place. The answer to that question is yes. The crew assigned to install the air conditioner replacement in Castlerock will need access to the home. While the main unit is connected outside, there is still the need to take a look at the duct work, connect the new control box, and run the system through a series of tests.

All these actions will require that one or more members of the crew enter the home. How Long Will it Take? Assuming that the current duct system is adequate for the new unit, and there is no need to make any significant changes for the filtration portion of the system, there is no reason why the unit can’t be up and running in two to three hours. This includes the time that is spent removing the old unit and running the newly installed one through a series of checks and tests.

The goal is to ensure that the system is fully functional before the installation is considered complete. What About Those New Controls?Before the crew leaves, the homeowner will be walked through the process of using each of the features provided by the new system. The amount of time it takes to conduct the instruction will depend on the range of features that comes with the new unit. When the system is basic, it won’t take long at all.

Systems that come with all sorts of programming options will take a little longer to go over adequately. The team at Joe’s Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. strive to ensure each customer receives the best support during and after the installation. From managing the installation professionally to answering any questions the client may have, the team will only leave once the customer is satisfied that everything is working as it should.

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