Learn How to Buy Wholesale Granite Slabs

There are actually many ways to buy wholesale granite slabs, including over the Internet. However, this can take a lot of paperwork and the use of a lawyer, which no one wants. Because of the red tape involved, there are local wholesalers all over the United States that have done all the hard work for you.

They do the research to find the best markets for the granite slabs and have them legally transferred to the United States. They then set everything up in their warehouses for people to purchase.

Consider researching local wholesale granite slab companies and then visit their warehouses to find the right granite for you. You will probably want to learn a few things about granite, including the difference between prefabricated granite and raw granite.

When people want to use wholesale granite slabs, they generally will receive prefabricated granite slabs. These slabs have been cut to generalized countertop sizes and have rounded edges. In some cases, these prefabricated slabs have already had holes cut out for sinks.

Raw granite slabs are usually one and three quarters inches thick and aren’t touched in any way, meaning they haven’t been polished or cut. You, the consumer, then have the slabs fabricated (cut) to your desire.

Both prefabricated and raw wholesale granite slabs are made of real granite and they both come in many colors.

You should also understand that there is manufactured granite available. This type of granite is made in a factory and is a blend of polyester resin, quartz and natural granite chips. This type of granite is a lot cheaper than true granite slabs, but it doesn’t contain as much beauty and strength as true granite.

Wholesale slabs can be made of any of these three materials, so it is important to know the differences and make sure you ask the wholesaler which types they offer. Before going to the wholesaler, you should have an idea of the type you want. Raw granite slabs will still need to be fabricated and this will cost more. Some wholesalers will not fabricate the granite, so you will also need to research fabricators to have usable granite slabs for your home. As long as you ask the appropriate questions, you can have beautiful granite slabs.

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