What is covered by Oil and gas Insurance in Conroe TX

The oil and gas industry is a very lucrative one, which is why they have to buy a lot of specialized protection for all of the losses they could incur while drilling. One of the most common forms of protection that an oil and gas company will buy is an insurance policy. These types of policies are very different from the normal polices that an individual will purchase. An oil and gas policy covers a large range of activities that could happen while on the job in the petroleum industry. The following are a few of the different things that are covered by Oil and gas Insurance in Conroe TX.

Cargo Insurance

One of the most common add ons in an oil and gas policy is a cargo policy, which helps to cover any accidents that may arise during the transport of the company’s petroleum. In the event that there is a crash or a container is lost for some reason, then the insurance policy will help to make the company whole again. This is a must for a company who deals in transporting of oil by cargo freighter because it will give them the peace of mind while moving valuable oil from one place to the other.

Rigs and Equipment

Many oil and gas insurance policies will cover the actual drilling rigs and the equipment involved in the drilling process. The building of a rig can cost millions of dollars, so having insurance on it is the smartest way to cover any damages that arise. The tools used in drilling are also very expensive, which is why it is necessary to cover them by insurance as well. Instead of putting yourself and your company at financial risk, you need to make sure to take out comprehensive oil and gas insurance policies to make sure that you are protected.

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