Get a Better Outcome by Hiring a Drug Attorney in Saint Paul MN

When you’ve been arrested on a drug charge, it’s important that you have representation in court. By having representation, you will be able to get through the court process with ease, and can leave all of the paperwork, collection of evidence, and more up to the lawyer you work with. Drug charges can be detrimental to you, as they can make it harder to find a job, find a place to live, and other important details for your life. Instead of going through the process along and hoping for the best, a Drug Attorney in Saint Paul MN can help you get the outcome you need.

If it is possible, a drug attorney will try to get the charges dropped. While this can be difficult to do in a drug case, your attorney may be able to argue that the search was unlawful, the arrest was unlawful, or another point that means that the judge has to drop the charges. Your attorney will look over all the evidence in your case to see if having the charges dropped is possible before moving to the next step.

Many times, it’s not possible to have the charges dropped. In these cases, your drug attorney will know what to do so that you get the minimum sentence. In some cases, especially if it is your first drug charge, your attorney may be able to get the conviction withheld, pending completion of a treatment program. This means that if you successfully complete a drug treatment program, the charge will not go on your record. This can enable you to get away from drug use and still be able to easily find a job or rent an apartment, since you won’t have the charge on your permanent record.

When you hire a Drug Attorney from Brandt Criminal Defense, you will have a much better chance of getting a good outcome for your case than if you try to navigate the court system alone. Your lawyer will have experience with drug cases and will know what to do to get you a better outcome, such as having the charges dropped or getting into a drug treatment program. If you would like to learn more about how a drug attorney can help you, visit today.


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