What is APCO

Did you know that the air you may be breathing is contaminated with all sorts of microscopic dust, materials, and living organisms? The particles that you are breathing right now could be clogging your lungs and causing you all sorts of breathing problems. There are systems available that you can have installed as a part of your central air-conditioning systems that will help clean your air. Systems like HEPA filters and APCA purifiers will clean the air in your home. Getting a quality APCA system is the best way to do this job. You may be asking yourself, What is APCO? This article will help explain what it is and how this system can help clear your air.

APCO stands for Advanced Poto Catalytic Oxidation. This is a new type of air purifier that does not rely on ozone-type technologies. The Photo Catalytic Oxidation system limits the amount of unconditioned air in your home. This system will boost your Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ, index. An APCO system will degrade all airborne organisms and help sanitize your air through the use of short wave ultra-violet light. This is similar to how medical institutions sanitize surgical tools. This type of purifier is commonly installed in the ducts of forced-air HVAC systems.

Effective APCO systems can also make your home smell better. This is because the oxidation system help neutralizes the germs and bacteria that usually are the cause of bad odours. When you have this system installed, your central heating and air will no longer be recycling the dirty air that can cause your family to be getting sick. APCO cleans your air more thoroughly than most ozone-based standalone air purifiers. This makes them more energy efficient.

Depending on your environment, an APCO system can even cut down on the dust that floats in the air. Now when someone asks you “What is APCO?”, you can confidently tell them that this is one of the best air purifier systems available. Talk with your HVAC installer about having one installed in your system. The saving you enjoy from reduced medical bills alone is well worth having one installed.

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