Proper Truck and Trailer Alignment in Louisville KY

When you are on the road, proper alignment is essential for your truck or trailer to operate smoothly and efficiently. A misaligned truck can mean a loss in fuel economy, difficulty handling a heavy load and general instability. Truck And Trailer Alignment in Louisville KY is important to keep you and others safe on the roads. You should follow the recommendations for routine alignments that are in your owner’s manual, and may even need more frequent service depending on where to travel or what you haul. Excessive miles and unbalanced loads can cause your alignment to shift quicker than with average use. If you start to feel your truck shimmy or wobble, you should get it to a mechanic immediately to have the alignment checked out.

Certified and experienced mechanics should do Truck And Trailer Alignment in Louisville KY Many places, such as Medley’s Auto and Truck Alignment Services Inc, for example, have the equipment and quality parts needed to properly align trucks, trailers, and off-road heavy equipment vehicles. Check your options carefully and make sure they have experience with your specific type of truck. Safety is critical and you do not want to be in the middle of a long haul and realize your alignment is not quite right. If the work is not guaranteed, go to a different place to have the work done. If you have the work completed to your satisfaction, ask if they have a maintenance plan for routine checks, inspections such as tire rotation, and brake inspections. Often, a misaligned truck can have an effect on the brakes or the axle.

A full-service repair shop will handle all makes and models of trucks, foreign or domestic. Services should include steering repairs and replacements, collision repairs, air ride suspension and other suspension repairs, leaf and air springs, U-bolts, drive axle repairs, and tram and tracking services. Fifth wheels and frame fabrication should also be available. Car repair services are also usually available as well. It is easy to forget about routine maintenance or neglect small things such as oil changes and wheel balancing, but it does affect the handling and safety of your vehicle.

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