What is a selector switch?

Audio video switches are devices that are connected to electronic components, audio and video components and output devices; they are used to allow the user to conveniently switch from one device to another. Different types of devices use different types of switches; an example would be an audio switch that is used to connect a number of different speakers to one source such as a radio and an amplifier. The switch is used to select which of the speakers the signal is sent to. With the advent of so many electronic devices audio video switches are often used to connect a TV to various input devices such as a DVD player, video games or digital video camera.

The common term “selector switch” refers to various devices and although the devices may be somewhat different they have common configurations and serve the same purpose. In most cases the switch is a small, high quality box, the physical size of the box is determined by the number of unique devices that it is designed to accommodate. The configuration of the box is standard, the input and output connections are located on one panel of the box, the switch can either be rotary or it can be a number of buttons. When the button is depressed or the rotary switch is in a specific [position, the various signals can be chosen.

There are switches for audio use which allow a single audio output component such as a radio and amplifier to output sound from different sets of speakers. Most audio output devices are designed to be physically connected to multiple speakers; however, if all speakers are functioning at the same time on some set-ups, the system can be damaged. Through the use of an audio selector switch, the user can determine which speakers will be used and which will not. In this way a typical home stereo system can have the sound driven to the living room or the outside patio or to the basement recreation room.

The same is true with video. A single television can provide the audio and video feeds from a number of input devices and in many cases the TV does not have sufficient input connections. In this case audio video switches are used to connect media players, computers, game console, etc to a single TV set.


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