Aluminum Vs Structural Steel in Cincinnati

Aluminum and structural steel in Cincinnati are the two most popular choices for construction. Depending on who you ask, each has its own benefits. Aluminum however stands out as the better choice for a number of reasons. For one, it is famous for its lightweight properties, which makes it perfect for an array of construction jobs. Steel can be a difficult metal to work with, as it is much heavier (about two thirds heavier than aluminum) and may be difficult to get the exact result that you want in construction among other applications.

One of the popular arguments for steel is that it is a strong material to work with. What most people don’t know, or choose to ignore is that aluminum does offer the same strength as steel does. In addition to this, the latter is more flexible in that it can be combined with an array of other materials to improve malleability, strength and corrosion resistance. Some of these materials that it can be combined with include copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese and silicon among others.

Another great thing about aluminum is that it is extremely resistant to corrosion, especially when compared to steel. This therefore makes it perfect for applications where the metal would be exposed to the elements. Although steel is a stable metal to work with, it is particularly prone to corrosion. Steel is also notorious for losing its color and shine when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Although it is true that aluminum may be is susceptible to dents and scratches, it does maintain its attractive sheen even after long periods of time.

Lastly, aluminum has a stable crystal structure, which simply means that it remains the same when cooled or heated. Steel’s crystal structure does undergo drastic transformation when exposed to extreme temperatures. This could compromise the integrity of the building or at the very least change its color. All this however doesn’t mean that steel is obsolete. It still has plenty of applications in construction among other industries. American Metal Supply Co is a leader in processed metal supplies. Whether you are looking for formed, saw cut, sheared or burned metal and more, this is the best aluminum and structural steel in Cincinnati supplier.

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