What is a Pedodontist and What Do They Do?

A childrens dentist in Jacksonville is technically a pedodontist, often called a pediatric dentist; regardless of their title, they all specialize in caring for the teeth and other dental concerns of children. Once the dentist has completed his or her education and licensed to practice general dentistry; those who wish to specialize in children’s dentistry will return to school for additional training. A child can most certainly be taken to a family dentist but a pedodontist has the specialized knowledge that often makes a child’s dental visit trouble free due to the particular child handling skills they possess.

Once an individual has matured the oral cavity will have stopped growing, at this stage the person can be treated as an adult. Children however have yet to fully mature, their mouth and teeth are still growing and developing. As a child loses his or her primary teeth and there is evidence that the adult teeth are erupting a childrens dentist in Jacksonville can see in advance if there are any potential problems which should be attended to early, therefore ensuring that the adult teeth are kept for life. When your child goes to the pedodontist for routine examinations and cleanings, the dentist can suggest certain moves to the parents that will prove to be beneficial in the long run. If the jaw and teeth are developing abnormally the dentist may suggest that the child see a pediatric orthodontist.

Early intervention and strict preventative care are extremely important when it comes to the overall dental health of a child. Problems that can get worse over time, leading to significant trouble as a young adult, can be headed off with early intervention. Children should be tutored in correct dental care, they need to know how and when to brush and floss. The childrens dentist in Jacksonville can coat the teeth to help prevent cavities and treat cavities if one should occur. A pedodontist will usually stay with a child from his or her very first visit at perhaps a year old, right up through early adolescence when they can be considered to be an oral adult.

Children are often scared off when they see odd looking shiny instruments and strange chairs. The pedodontist provides a very different environment than a general dentist; the waiting room is child friendly with small furniture, games and toys. The children are introduced to dental care in such a way that they grow up never to fear a dentist.

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