What are same day dentures?

It is not everyone who has the luxury of time, able to stay in their home while being prepared for the fitting of permanent dentures In Jacksonville Beach. Many people simply can’t take time off work so to accommodate these people the dentist can now do the entire process in one day from extracting the teeth to fitting the dentures. Although the patient will definitely leave the dentist’s office with “same day dentures” they are only a temporary measure, they are fitted but replaced by permanent dentures in the near future. It is true that same day dentures add to the cost of the entire procedure but for many people the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

The terms “teeth in a day” or “same day dentures” can often lead to confusion. These dentures are not actually produced during the same appointment although they are fitted on the same day as the extractions are made. Before the dentist is ready to extract all the teeth a series of accurate measurements and impressions are made, the dentist uses this to design and produce temporary dentures in Jacksonville Beach. The dental lab works to the dimensions and other information that is provided to them by the dentist; on the day of the schedules extractions the temporary denture is waiting for the patient.

Once the teeth have been extracted and sutures have been made, the denture is placed in the mouth of the patient. This temporary denture not only gives the patient teeth, it is a significant aid to healing as they reduce the amount of bleeding and swelling from the extraction procedure. The temporary denture fits onto the jaw, this helps to reduce the amount of bone that is reabsorbed by the body, it is this bone re-absorption that is responsible for the change in appearance of the patient; sunken cheeks, etc.

Over and above the fact that the patient will not be thrown into any socially embarrassing situations, same day dentures have a number of other advantages. Without teeth, eating is extremely difficult, this is not a problem when the denture is in place, nor is speaking. Although the patient will not be able to sit down and eat a big steak, he or she will at least be comfortable eating some food.

It takes some time for the dental lab to produce the permanent dentures in Jacksonville Beach so the patient will have to make several return visits to the dentist to have the temporary denture relined for added comfort. As the jaw begins to heal it does change shape, this in turn means the denture will loosen; the relining snug’s them up again. Once the healing is complete and the realignment of the jaw is over the temporary denture can be taken out and the permanent denture installed.

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