What Is A Local Area Network?

An LAN or local area network is a group of two or more devices, usually personal computers, printers, or other equipment, that have been connected to each other in some fashion in order to increase the efficiency of coordinated computing, communications, and file sharing efforts in homes, educational institutions, and businesses. While some local area networks rely on wireless communications technology and do not involve a physical connection between computers, there are a number of situations in which a direct connection using cables can ensure greater speed and reliability of services though the perhaps the most significant advantage of such a system is the potential for increased security of sensitive data.

Originally the cables used to connect computers in a local area network were simple multipurpose coaxial cables with a single inner conducting layer. Today, more specialized types of cables with groups of wires with two inner conductors made of metal (known as twisted pairs) as well as fiber optic cables that use wires with an inner core of silica or plastic are used in the current industry standard Ethernet technology to create the most common type of local area network. These cables, known as Ethernet cables, have four pairs of wires in which one wire of each pair is twisted in a specific way around the other wire of the pair. The twists are designed to help reduce the effects of common types of interference on the signals being transmitted and are slightly different in each pair of wires. Cabling systems in Hutchinson KS is a source of quality reliable ethernet cables and services.

The devices in a LAN can be connected by type of ethernet cable known as a ‘crossover’ cable directly to each other, or the devices can each be connected by ethernet cables to a central hub. Several hubs can be connected together to increase the number of devices on a particular LAN. Alternatively, hubs can be joined to various combinations of switches and routers designed to maximize the efficacy of data flow within the LAN. Communications Technology Associates, Inc. can assist with the development of the most effective configuration of LAN hardware and Cabling Systems in Hutchinson KS to support specific client needs.

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