Options To Choose With An Attorney For DUI in Wichita, KS

Dealing with a DUI can be tough. Because of the thousands of deaths that occur every year, due to drunk driving, those who are suspected of committing the offense are immediately scrutinized and harshly judged. However, you’ll have a number of options available that’ll determine whether or not these charges stick. Let’s take a look at the process to see what you can do.

At some point, after being arrested and booked, you’ll be placed in front of a judge who’ll handle your arraignment. Your arraignment is where you’ll be allowed to enter a plea for the alleged crime. Judges will allow defendants to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Each of these choices will have a direct impact on what happens later on, so it might be best to have an Attorney For DUI in Wichita, KS by your side.

Defendants may want to consider pleading not guilty if they feel they have a good chance of winning their case. Before you do so you and your lawyer should take a good look at the details of your arrest first. For instance, did the cop act appropriately by pulling your over? If not, you may be able to argue that there was no need to pull you over in the first place. What were the results of the blood alcohol test? The maximum legal limit in every state is .08%. If your blood alcohol level was well below .08%, you may want to consider fighting the charges. Again, talk to your attorney for DUI in Wichita KS before making a decision.

Pleading guilty or not contest are your only other options. It may be best to choose one of these options if you know that you don’t have a shot at beating the charges. For instance, if you caused a car wreck because you were drunk, it’s likely that you’ll be found guilty when the case goes to trial. You’ll also likely want to plead guilty or no contest if your blood alcohol level was way above the .08% legal limit.

As you can see you’ll have options on hand if you’re ever arrested for a DUI. Turn to Rocky Wiechman Law if you need consultation before making any legal decisions.

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