What Happens When You Have Teeth Cleaning In Tuscaloosa?

Taking care of your teeth is more important than you might realize. Without proper dental care and good oral hygiene habits, your teeth can suffer. Most people know to carefully brush their teeth and floss each day. This helps to remove the plaque and food particles on your teeth before they begin invading your enamel and causing decay, which can lead to cavities. Though you may brush your teeth each day and floss, you can still experience issues. To make sure your teeth stay as clean as possible, it is imperative to have dental Teeth Cleaning In Tuscaloosa services carried out on your teeth every six months.
What Can You Expect From Teeth Cleaning In Tuscaloosa?

When you go in to see your dentist, he or she will normally have you to see the hygienist first, so your teeth can be cleaned. The cleaning process is not painful and is often relaxing for most people. You will lie back in the dental chair, while the hygienist begins cleaning your teeth. The cleaning process starts with him or her wetting your teeth. Next, the hygienist uses a special cleaning brush to brush each of your teeth, making sure to get the crevices clean and paying special attention to the back teeth, since these are often the most difficult to reach and end up not getting cleaned properly.

After your teeth have been brushed, your mouth will be rinsed and then the hygienist flosses each of your teeth. This removes the plaque in-between your teeth, where they are often most vulnerable to decay. If there is any hardened plaque on the teeth, the hygienist will use a special tool to scrape this residue from the teeth. Finally, you will have your teeth polished and then a special Fluoride is applied. This final treatment coats your teeth, strengthening them and protecting them.

If you are in need of teeth cleaning and other preventative care or further dental services, contact Renaissance Dental and make an appointment. They will be glad to assist you in caring for your teeth and can provide you with a full range of dental services, to keep your teeth healthy and your smile looking its best.

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