Elderly Care in Quad Cities – 5 Important Facility Amenities

In the search for an appropriate living facility for an aged loved one, a major concern is the type of amenities they can access. Here are five beneficial amenities to look for in Elderly Care in Quad Cities.

1. Housekeeping Service – One of the most important features to have in a suitable elder care facility is housekeeping. It is extremely important to keep the surroundings as clean and healthy as possible to support the immune systems of the aged. Performing simple tasks such as dusting, sweeping and vacuuming are generally very difficult or impossible for the elderly to so safely. Housekeeping services should be available several times a week, or upon request.

2. Emergency Services – Nearby and fast responding emerging services are a key amenity to have for elderly care. The ideal facility will be close to at least one hospital, police station and fire station, and will preferably have frequent on-site patrols performed by a security service.

3. Wellness Center – A wellness center attached to your chosen facility is important to promote the health of your loved one, as well as to help prevent the instance of illness and disease. The wellness center typically offer health-boosting options such as massage, physical therapy and low-impact exercise suitable for the specific needs of the aged.

4. Laundry Service – Clean clothing and linen are important for the health, well-being and dignity of individuals of advanced age. Many facilities offer dedicated laundry services, which include free pickup and delivery as well as special services for individuals dealing with issues such as frequent incontinence.

5. Meal Delivery – It is important for the elderly to consume a balanced diet for their health and well-being. Navigating the kitchen to prepare even a simple meal poses several threats to safety such as fire hazards and cutting injuries. Meal delivery services ensure that your loved one eats nutritious meals regularly without having to worry about safety or mobility.

These are some of the key amenities to look for in Elderly Care in Quad Cities. Securing a living facility with these invaluable amenities provides all of the physical support your loved ones needs. In addition to their comfort, you also have peace of mind knowing they are safe and as healthy as possible.


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