What Do You Need In Mixed Signal Design Partners?

Having an idea for a new electronic device or component is only one step in getting the final product to market. This is particularly true if the device has a need for mixed signal design as these integrated circuits can be incredibly complex to design, develop and manufacture.

There are many different electronics companies offering mixed signal design as part of their service offerings. However, not all companies are the same and choosing the best match for your prototype development should be a major factor to consider.

Specific industries, such as the medical device fields and the military, aerospace and defense industries will also have specific standards and requirements that need to be considered. Businesses working in these fields will need to ensure the company they choose as a partner the qualifications and experience to develop a prototype that meets all standards required.

Understanding of the Industry

In addition to just understanding applicable requirements and validation procedures, the electronics company should also have a good understanding of how the technology is applied within your specific industry.

This will allow you to take advantage of the expertise and understanding of mixed signal design for similar types of past projects. With top design teams, this can eliminate problems in the design and even speed up final development and manufacturing.

Timing in the Project

Ideally, having the electronics company involved very early in the project development will be a critical factor. This allows their team to provide insight into how the design of the mixed signal circuit can be integrated into the placement of components within the complete device.

With this support early there will be less likelihood of the need to redesign the device since it is developed in collaboration with all partners. It may also be instrumental in designing a circuit that is lower cost and easier to produce in large volume orders.

Ability to Move into Production

Selecting a partner for circuit design with the capacity not just to assist in design and development but also provide full manufacturing services is a key factor. With the in-house type of design and production, there is a full understanding of the project as well as early discussion about the scale or scope of the production needs and the cost of component production.

Developing, manufacturing and marketing of new devices are never an easy task. By partnering with companies with experience and expertise in your area of specialization it is possible to make the process easier, less stressful and more cost effective.

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