Signs Of A Top Cleveland Custom Metal Fabrication Service

Knowing that you are avoiding mistakes in choosing a metal fabrication company provides a level of comfort in entering into a working agreement on a project or for a long term or ongoing supply of fabricated parts, components or finished products.

However, knowing how to spot an exception custom metal fabrication service can help you not just to work with a good company, but work with a fabrication company that offers services and support beyond the average. This is always a great choice for any type of business from a small startup company to an established company in Cleveland looking for a new fabricator.

ISO 9001:2008

There are only a small number of metal fabrication companies across the nation that have ISO 9001:2008 certification. This number is even smaller in the Cleveland area. From a customer’s point of view, this is a key sign of a top company as it focuses on customer service, quality of process and continual improvement.

This certification is about quality management within the company. This is a complete set of steps and standards that a company must meet and document. Additionally, the company must go through a certification process where there is a full audit of the company practices to ensure the 8 principles of the standard for quality management are in place and used within the company.

The company is either certified or it is not, and many companies do not pass certification. Additionally, the certification process has to be renewed on a regular basis to ensure the company continues to meet all standards.

Full Range of Services

In addition to a customer and quality management systems approach, the custom metal fabrication should offer a full range of the services you require. Working with one company rather than having to pay additional shipping charges and try to manage the logistics of having multiple companies involved in the fabrication needs saves time, money and stress.

Look for a custom metal fabrication service that is transparent in explaining the methods they will use and the equipment they have on hand to get the job done.

Companies should also have the ability to complete your order based on the volume of the order or the timeline for the project. Fabrication companies with experience in working on similar projects and orders will have the ability to provide a timeline for their service and stay to the deadline for completion.

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