What Do Teeth Whitening Treatments in Kamuela Entail?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished your teeth looked whiter and brighter? Everyone wants their smile to look its best. Many people work to purchase at-home whitening kits, special toothpastes and even mouth rinses, hoping their teeth will become less stained. Though these products can remove some of the superficial staining, they are mostly a waste of money. To truly get rid of the deep stains your teeth have accumulated, you need to have Teeth Whitening in Kamuela treatments carried out by your dentist. Only the dentist offers strong enough treatments that are safe for your teeth and do not cause damage.

The first portion of your treatment will involve having your teeth cleaned and dry. This process may seem redundant, but it needs to be done so the whitening solution can fully penetrate the teeth. When your teeth have a film of plaque and food particles, the whitening process is often not as effective. Once your teeth have been cleaned and dried, the dentist will prep each tooth with a special whitening solution. These solutions are typically either in gel form or a paste and they are applied directly to the teeth.

If you are having a normal teeth whitening in Kamuela, the dentist will apply the whitener and then place a soft tray over the top and bottom teeth, to keep the whitener in place during the treatment. This type of whitening can remove all types of staining, but it will only whiten your teeth to their natural whiteness. If you want a whiter smile, you will need to have a bleaching treatment.

Bleaching treatments are carried out in much the same way as a traditional whitening treatment. The main difference, is this treatment uses a special laser light to activate the whitener. These treatments can not only remove staining, but bleach the teeth to an extreme white, sometimes referred to as Hollywood white.

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