What Causes Exterior Crooked Doors in Honolulu?

Why do Exterior Crooked Doors in Honolulu get that way? Is there an easy fix? No there is not an easy fix for doors that are out of square and difficult to open, close, and lock. They may even cause a security problem for the building owner. These Exterior Crooked Doors in Honolulu are a symptom of a crooked wall caused by a foundation problem. The underlying cause may be a compromised foundation. If a foundation has problems, a quick fix of the door will not last, the problem will keep happening until the foundation is repaired.

Why Do Foundations Fail?

Building foundations fail when the soil they are located on becomes unstable because of earth movement, erosion, or other geotechnical issues. Hawaii is an island with unique sets of geotechnical conditions. Each job must be treated as a specific set of issues. The concrete and foundation specialists must find all of the underlying problems and correct them. Erosion or shifting sub straight must be stabilized. Voids must be filled. There are state of the art techniques for stabilizing Hawaii’s soil conditions.

The Repair Process

Until the underlying problems are repaired the foundation will keep deteriorating. Once the base the foundation sits on is stabilized, the foundation can be repaired and strengthened. The modern cement products are designed to be flexible. The experts are able to use flexible systems to relevel settled buildings, close cracks in drywall, square doors and windows so they open easily again, and correct uneven floors.

Correctly done repairs will last longer and save the building owner time and money on future repairs. When the underlying cause is repaired by stabilization, the surface repairs last longer. Underpinning products, drilled systems, driven systems, expanding polymer grout, and soil stabilizers all play an important part in foundation and cement repair projects in Honolulu.

Other related structures may also need repair and stabilization. These can include parking decks, parking structures, patios, storm walls, and other exterior structures. Commercial structures also develop problems and need the services of a foundation and concrete contractor. Luxury resorts, office buildings, retail locations, and condominiums must sit on stable foundations. Visit Website for more foundation repair information. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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