What Can You Expect From Sedation Dentists in Des Plaines?

For most people, seeing the dentist on a regular basis is a part of life. For others, it becomes a great source of stress for them. This is often because they have had a bad dental experience in the past and are now left feeling nervous about receiving dental care. This type of anxiety can be experienced by people of all ages and is more common than you might realize. In years past, there was little to be done to help these people be able to get the dental care they needed. Many of them simply avoided dental care altogether and their teeth began to suffer. For these people, Sedation Dentists in Des Plaines began operating, giving people another option for receiving the dental care they so badly needed.

What Do Sedation Dentists in Des Plaines Do?

Sedation dentistry began as a way to help people who have anxiety about going to the dentist. Some people only experience a mild level of anxiety, while others actually experience fear. To help these people, the dental industry began introducing methods to help these patients relax during their dental visits. Today, there are dental offices that cater fully to these types of patients, offering them a calming experience from the moment they step into the office.

* Calming medications — These are typically delivered in pill form and are normally given when the patient first arrives for dental care. This calms and soothes the person’s nerves and makes them feel less apprehensive. This is normally the perfect amount of intervention needed for simple cleanings and examinations. If further dental work is needed, the dentist will often employ stronger methods of intervention.

* Laughing gas — Laughing gas is inhaled through the nose via a mask. This gas helps to soothe nervous patients, making them feel relaxed and even a little sleepy. This helps patients of all ages to be able to get through dental work procedures.

* Sedatives — These are used to allow a person to sleep during dental procedures. They are typically given via IV, so the levels can be monitored and adjusted throughout extensive dental procedures.

If you are nervous about seeing your dentist and find your anxiety prevents you from seeking dental care, contact Dr. Bagai DDS and make an appointment for your sedation dentistry procedures.

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