The Cosmetic Dentistry in Weston, CT Can Make a Difference in a Patient’s Life

Cosmetic dentistry can do so much to enhance a person’s self-esteem. This will make them feel more welcome amongst their friends. It will also enhance their feelings at work and with a potential romantic partner. Often, people that need cosmetic dental work feel ostracized.

Cosmetic dentistry has evolved into a dental specialty which includes teeth whitening and implants to replace missing teeth. An implant can be made to look like your natural teeth. You will never experience any discomfort with the implants by Cosmetic Dentistry in Weston, CT. Implants can be performed even if the teeth have been missing for a long period of time. Using bone transplants, the dentist can create a new bone structure that will fuse with the implant anchor. While most implants can be accomplished without a bone transplant, it is comforting to know that a transplant can still be performed. Teeth straightening is another form of cosmetic dentistry using a high tech product called Invisalign which provides excellent orthodontic results.

The dentists at Cosmetic Dentistry in Weston, CT can advise you about all forms of patient care. They will work with you in correcting oral abnormalities and learning to practice good oral health. You may have teeth which can allow bacteria to grow because of the way the teeth are positioned in your mouth. This is a situation that should be treated because all types of health problems can occur.

Routine dental care such as filling cavities and examining the mouth for oral cancer are good dental practices. These are routinely performed. Cavities if not promptly cared for can result in the tooth being extracted. Often, the end result is a cap or crown. The medical profession has discovered that cavities can cause infections which will run rampant throughout the body. While this may not be a prevalent condition, it is not worth the chance.

The dentists in Fairfield offer restorative procedures including lumineers, veneers, teeth whitening, and teeth realignment. Endodontic care without pain is another specialty which means the root canal you really need can be performed easily.

The dentist has so many new dental techniques available today. They can greatly improve your smile and your overall dental health. More importantly, these procedures can improve your self-image.

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