What Are the Steps to Building a House?

It is a lot of fun to contemplate building a new home; whether or not it is soon to be a reality or just a fantasy. However, when the time comes to get started, you want to be sure that you work with new home builders in the Jacksonville, FL who really know just what they are doing. There are many steps to building a house, and though it might seem simple and straightforward, if you don’t work with a team familiar with the region and locality, you can face a lot of avoidable delays and problems.

For instance, skilled new home builders in Jacksonville will have connections with the region’s best suppliers and contractors, but will also understand any special steps needed at each phase.

What are the phases that new home builders follow? According to the construction experts at HowStuffWorks, a basic list of steps has to include:

“Grading and site preparation
Foundation construction
Installation of windows and doors
Rough electrical
Rough plumbing
Rough HVAC
Finish electrical
Bathroom and kitchen counters and cabinets
Finish plumbing
Carpet and flooring
Finish HVAC
Hookup to water main, or well drilling
Hookup to sewer or installation of a septic system
Punch list”

And as you can see, at any step, there could be issues that only a team with local expertise can do effectively. Just look at the first few steps to get a good idea of this. The idea of “site prep” is an oversimplification here because it means knowing how to handle the terrain specifically as well as what is needed for the design of the structure to be built.

The best new home builders have the working knowledge of local codes, the best practices in terms of site prep, foundation methods, materials, and all of the rest. With their local expertise and knowledge, they can help you to cut costs and use only the best subcontractors with deep local connections.

At website, you find a team of home builders long dedicated to providing those in the community with the kind of quality homes and construction methods they deserve. Emphasizing customer satisfaction, the goal is to build the home that the owners want and to continue to serve homeowners’ needs for years to come. Whether it is providing expansions, upgrades or smaller projects, they are dedicated to every phase of home building in the Jacksonville area.

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