Lock in Your Annual Rate for Auto Insurance in Lancaster, PA

The law makes it mandatory to have insurance when you drive. If you do not carry the required protection, you can face some stiff penalties. You can also lose your driving rights. Therefore, you need to make sure you obtain the proper protection in this regard.

Never Drive Without Insurance Protection

Driving without auto insurance in Lancaster, PA can lead to a license and registration suspension as well as increased future premiums. While you face some serious legal penalties for driving without insurance, they become even more severe if you are involved in a car crash.

For instance, if you cause property damages or injuries to another party, you can be held accountable for the expenses. Moreover, the other party can sue you as well. If you do not have the money to cover a claim for damages, you can have certain assets taken away from you, such as your house.

Electronically Transfer the Funds

To make sure you do not go without auto insurance protection, never allow your policy to lapse. To ensure that this does not happen, always make your payment on time. To ensure your payment is timely, you might consider using an automatic payment option, such as an electronic funds transfer (EFT). Using this option totally eliminates the possibility of you forgetting to make a payment.

You might also consider paying your auto insurance payments annually. If you cover the cost of the policy each year, you do not have to worry about missing a monthly payment. Regardless of the payment choices you make, keep up-to-date on your insurance provider’s rules on late payments. While companies provide a grace period, other insurers stop coverage when a payment is late.

Lock in the Annual Rate

For further information about your vehicle insurance needs, contact us and schedule an appointment about enrolling for insurance coverage. Some insurance providers allow you to pay the same insurance amount yearly, even if you submit a claim. Therefore, you can lock in the rate on the annual amount for a vehicle insurance policy.

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