What are the Benefits of Powder Coating?

Powder coating was first developed in the 1950s and is considered one of the fastest growing finishing options available today. In fact, today it represents up to 10 percent of all finishing applications available on the market today. If you are interested in whether or not a powder coating in Parker, CO is right for your project, you should learn about some of the benefits it offers, which are highlighted here.

Lower Operational Costs

When you opt for powder coating in Parker, CO, you will find it is a highly efficient coating. You only need a single coat and it will cover more area than other finishes. Additionally, there is much less waste since any powder that is over sprayed can be gathered and used. Powder coating finishes require less energy to apply, reduce overall disposal costs and is a finish that is cheaper than traditional paint.

Superior Performance

When you have a powder coating applied, it will be completely cured in just 20 minutes after it leaves the oven. If you were to use paint, it could take days for it to dry completely. This finish is also much thicker than the majority of paints and can yield or bend with jarring and vibration. The surface will also be extremely resistant to weather, chemicals, corrosion, fading, scratching and chipping and be immune to any trace of application. As a result, this finish option is much more durable than paint, as well as a number of other commonly used finishes.

If you are searching for a viable and durable finish for your project or item, then you should consider powder coating in Parker, CO. This finish offers all of the benefits highlighted here and more. You should consult with a professional who has experience applying this finish to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Learn more about powder coating by visiting the Cassteen Ironworks Metal Art Gallery website.

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