Galvannealed Steel Sheet Suppliers: Weldability And Corrosion Protection

Galvannealed (GA) steel is the result of reheating the galvanized layer of zinc and iron materials on the surface, diffusing it to re-coagulate a thin light gray cover of steel and iron (10%) alloy. Experienced galvannealed steel sheet suppliers sell this material to specific industrial concerns. It is increasingly becoming more popular than galvanized steel sheet in the automotive industry.

Suitability for Automotive Manufacturing

GA steel sheet is progressively common in the automotive industry. Its properties provide manufacturers with certain qualities suitable for the construction of vehicles and their components. GA steel sheet possesses the following qualities:

 * Weldability
 * Paintability
 * Corrosion protection
 * Phosphatability

Enhancing the properties is possible through the application of a flash coating of Ni. This electroplating process hides any effects from the GA process while improving the desired properties. Automotive researchers continue to work towards future improvements.

Applications in the Automotive Industry

When providing galvannealed steel sheet, suppliers work with the automotive companies to ensure the quality of the product is suitable for use in the industry. They know the intent is to provide high levels of resistance against the corrosive factors of deicing, salt, and sand on today’s roads. Automotive companies use them for both interior and exterior components. GA steel is common for use in the manufacturing of:

 * Hem flanges
 * Outer/inner panels
 * Underbody parts
 * Side members
 * Side sills
 * Pillars

In order to increase the safety while reducing the effects of corrosion, automotive companies are expanding the use of GA steel sheets in their manufacturing process.

Galvannealed Steel Sheet Suppliers

The automotive industry has been working over the past few decades to improve the capability of their vehicles to withstand the serious effects of corrosive elements. While some companies sell special devices and promote specific treatments to provide protection, automotive companies are increasing their use in body construction of galvannealed steel sheet. Suppliers know, and researchers currently support the capabilities of this process and its suitability for automotive and other high-corrosion applications.

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