What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Registry Abstraction for Your Company?

Registry abstraction has taken on an increased importance due to the emphasis placed upon value-based care. While abstraction used to be done at the discretion of individual health care providers, new health care payment models require significant evidence-based proof of standards of care. While these requirements may truly benefit the patient, outsourcing them to a company that specializes in abstraction may be the best way to continue to provide quality company care while also meeting the standards of evidence-based abstraction.

Benefits of Registry Abstraction

The increase in the demand for abstraction is not without cause. Having a solid understanding of scientific evidence has been shown to positively benefit all the following:

  1. Clinical outcomes
  2. The risk of complications
  3. Prevent readmissions to the hospital
  4. Percentage of patients who respond to treatment
  5. Reductions in recurrence of conditions

Benefits to Outsourcing

When you make the decision to outsource your abstraction, you provide several benefits to both your employees and your patients.

  1. You can ensure a greater confidence that the data is accurate and reliable.
  2. The efficiency rating is greater among staff.
  3. Registry data errors greatly decrease.
  4. Having the most qualified professionals handle your abstraction leads to an improvement in ROI.

Staff Morale

While there are many benefits to choosing to outsource your abstraction, perhaps the greatest benefit that your company will see is the increase in staff morale. Your nursing staff is already extremely busy, and they are responsible for so much related to patient care. Taking away the responsibility for abstraction allows them to focus on the very reasons that they became nurses in the first place: the ability to provide the best patient-centered care. This ability to focus on the most important aspects of their jobs leads to an increase in morale.

MDabstract focuses on delivering usable data to your organization so that your focus can remain on patient care. Learn more about our registry abstraction services at https://www.mdabstract.com/.

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