Play it Safe by Scheduling a Branch Removal in St. Augustine, FL

If you love the shade that a certain branch provides, you may want to reconsider your view. That branch can easily get struck by lightning and fall on you or another person in case of a hurricane-type wind or rain. That is why you cannot keep all branches intact. Some need to be removed in the name of safety.

Does Your Property Feature Large, Mature Trees?

That is also why you should schedule a branch removal in St. Augustine, FL if you have a large, mature tree that has not been trimmed in a while. Any overhanging branch can cause a good deal of property damage in one of Florida’s strong wind or rain storms.

Keep Your Trees Looking Good and Keep Everyone Safe

By scheduling a branch removal, you can also shape the tree so it still remains attractive but also safe. While overhanging branches provide shade on hot and sunny days, they can also prove to be a problem when the wind begins to pick up or it starts to rain.

Avoid Any Property Damage or Injury

If you don’t schedule a branch removal, that branch that offers shade can also destroy your neighbor’s roof or even your own dwelling. Most removals are done in areas where there is not much space. However, this still does not mean that you should not remove some branches some distance away from real estate.

Get Your Trees Diagnosed Today

To learn more about your options along these lines, you should contact a company such as Tree Medic Tree Surgeons, Inc. Have your trees diagnosed for safety issues and make sure that your property remains free from any sort of potential liability. If you feel that any of your trees or shrubs cold possibly cause damages or injuries, you need to speak to a tree surgeon right away. Florida’s storms emerge unexpectedly. That is why it is best to play it safe and keep your trees trimmed and shaped.

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