What are roller shades?

Roller shades are window coverings in Highland MI that roll up and store at the top of a window opening. The top of the roller shade which has the mechanism is stored right at the top of the window; the shade material which is usually cloth or vinyl is attached to the top roller as well as the bottom bar. A standard roller shade is installed in such a way that the window covering rolls out of the back of the roll and peels off as the material is pulled in a downward motion.

Many cassette type roller shades are actually hidden by a valance or a decorative top section that hides the top roller. The bottom bar which is used to pull the shade down is often accented with fringe, a designer pull or scalloped edges. All it takes for the mechanism located in the top roll to work is a slight tug on the bottom bar, the rolling mechanism draws the window covering up and the window is exposed. It is not necessary for the window covering to be either all down or all up, the mechanism is designed to allow the covering to stop anywhere, the window can remain half exposed if that is the desire of the homeowner.

Roller shade window coverings in Highland MI are available in sheer, semi-opaque and black out materials. Many homeowners install a black-out roller shade in bedrooms, they are ideal in baby’s rooms as the room can be darkened for sleep at any time during the day. Black-out shades block 99 percent of the light that would otherwise enter the room, this is great for those people who work nights and need to sleep during the day.

From a decorative point of view many people favor semi-opaque roller shades. These shades block a considerable amount of light but most importantly, when someone looks into the room from the outside the only thing that is visible is a shadowy line rather than a full silhouette. Sheer roller shades let all available light through, the material, although sheer is usually printed, these shades are used as a decorative feature and are not thought of as a privacy shade.

Roller shades are practical and stylish forms of window coverings in Highland MI. Not only do they perform a function, the wide variety of designs, colors and textures that they are available in allow the homeowner significant options for enhancing the décor of any room. Roller shades often cost less than window blinds so they are the choice of the budget conscious homeowner.

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