Different Methods of Semi Truck Towing

There are several types of towing services, and the type you choose will depend on the vehicle you drive as well as the circumstances in which you find your vehicle and yourself.

Below, you will learn about the different kinds of Semi Truck Towing services in Atlanta GA that are available.

Boom Towing

Imagine that you’re driving on a wet road when your car hydroplanes and ends up in a ditch. What type of towing help do you need? In such a situation, your best chance probably lies with a boom truck. A boom tow truck has a winch that can pull trucks and cars out of difficult situations. Where a regular chain-and-hook cannot access your car, a boom truck can easily pull it back onto the road’s surface. Boom trucks are easier to use in extrication situations because there’s no need to back up to the wrecked vehicle. The boom arm makes this type of tow vehicle great for use in poor weather or after a major collision.

Hook-And-Chain/Belt Lift

Hook-and-chain or belt lifts are used to lift the front of the vehicle up after chains are attached to the axle or frame. These tow vehicles are used to move cars and trucks that have lost wheels; the wrecked vehicle is pulled up onto thick rubber mats and then towed using its own drivetrain.
Wheel-lift trucks are another iteration of the hook-and-chain tow truck. The vehicle to be towed is fitted with a metal yoke, and the lift pulls the front end off the ground. Wheel lifts spare vehicle bumpers the damage typically caused by a hook-and-chain lift, and they’re most commonly used for the non-running vehicle rather than wrecked cars and trucks.

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed tow vehicles use a hydraulic bed that tilts into a ramp-like configuration. The vehicle to be towed is driven or pulled onto the flatbed. Certain types of vehicles can only be towed with a flatbed, as wheel-lift or hook-and-chain trucks can damage vehicles with advanced suspensions or air shocks. If you need to ship a vehicle long-distance, a flatbed truck from Southside Wrecker is the ideal solution.

Different vehicles and circumstances require different kinds of towing help. Whether you are in a ditch and need a boom truck to get you out, or you’re bringing a classic car home from a show, there’s a Semi-Truck Towing service that can meet your needs.

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