What are patch cables used for?

Patch cables are used to interconnect and connect electronic equipment. The objective is to allow the technician or user to “patch in” to any electronics whether it is a computer network where Ethernet patch cables are used, audio-visual equipment; stereo systems etc. which use their own form of patch cable.

A recording studio is a great place to see patch cables of all different sorts to connect the various components that are used. In the recording studio one can see RCA audio cables, digital audio cables as well as special DIN style cables used for the microphones. Patch cables are also used extensively in video recording.

Although many computer networks are now using wireless technology, there are still many wired networks in offices and other commercial enterprises. Wired computer networks use twisted pair Ethernet patch cables. An Ethernet cable has an RJ-45 connector on each end of the patch cable; the cables are often in blue, yellow and gray so as to make them quickly identifiable. These cables run between the hub and the router of a wired network to each computer.

Generally speaking, electric and electronic signals get weaker or degrade the longer the cable run. As a result of this, regardless what the application is, the shorter the cables are the better. In a computer network, if it is unavoidable and longer Ethernet patch cables must be run then it is imperative that the best in cable/connector assembly be sought and cable with the best shielding used. Although it is a necessity for long cables to be perfect, this does not mean that short patch cables can be of inferior quality. The quality of the shielding which is used in the construction of the cable is important as it protects the signals being carried from any external interference from other electronic equipment. Any interference can seriously degrade the quality of the signal.

As much as the cable being of high quality, the connectors which are used for Ethernet patch cables must also be the best available. Buyers are advised to buy the cable assembly and not the hype. Many patch cables are of inferior quality but as they are bundled with fancy little bits of plastic hardware they are thought to be high performance.

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