Ways Performing Routine AC Service in Branford, CT Can Keep a Thermostat Working Correctly

Keeping one’s air conditioning system working well throughout the summer months can be very important to most people. Without a system that is working well, the hot months of summer can be quite miserable. To make sure that one does not face this type of dilemma in their home, it is a good idea to perform AC Service in Branford, CT on their unit well before the summer season starts.

One of the main components that a homeowner will want to inspect on their unit is the thermostat. The thermostat plays an important role in the operation of the cooling system. Based on the current temperature that the unit records, the AC unit will be switched on or remain off. If the thermostat is reading the temperature in the house incorrectly, it can often have a negative impact on how comfortable the climate is within the home.

Checking the thermostat in the home can be accomplished by using a standard, glass, mercury thermometer, which is routinely used to assess the temperature in a home or outside. This thermometer should be placed on the wall in close to proximity to the system and then allowed to read the temperature in the area. The thermostat should match the reading on the thermometer. If the temperatures do not match then it may be that the thermostat is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning the thermostat on an air conditioning system generally involves removing the plastic cover on the element. The unit can then be cleaned using compressed or canned air. Once this is done, it should be tested against the thermometer once again. If the temperatures still do not match, the connectors on the thermostat may need to be cleaned. These elements can often be cleaned with a soft brush.

If the cleaning does not correct the problem with the thermostat, then it may be necessary to contact a professional air conditioning repair person who can inspect the thermostat and then make any adjustments that might be necessary to bring the thermostat back to the correct temperature. If they are unable to do this, they may need to replace the unit with a new thermostat.

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