Ways a Chiropractor in St. Augustine can Help Alleviate Back Pain

If you are dealing with back pain, it can often be difficult to find a treatment for you condition. Many times, when you see a medical doctor about this type of issue the best type of treatment they can offer is pain medications. If you prefer not to become dependent on this type of medication, you may be seeking other types of treatment options. In such situations, seeing a chiropractor in St. Augustine area may be a good solution.

A chiropractor works much differently on this type of issue than a medical doctor. Most medical doctors will look for an issue they can fix through surgery. However, if there is nothing they can repair, they generally do not have many other options for treatment. A chiropractor will be able to help your condition through a variety of hands on types of treatments.

One of the first steps a Chiropractor in St. Augustine will take is to get a medical history and x-rays of your back. Doing this will help the chiropractor in determining what issues your spine may have encountered. Often the cause of pain in the back is due to the alignment of the spine. Many times, if a person is involved in an accident or suffers an injury, the spine is moved out of alignment. When this happens, a person’s muscles, tissues and other elements near the spine are shifted as well and this can create problems.

A Chiropractor will generally begin using hands-on treatments to try to shift the spine back into proper alignment. This is generally done through a combination of massage and pressure to cause the spine, the muscles, tendons and other elements to move back into proper placement. Doing this not only helps improve a person’s posture, but it also makes it easier for the body to do its job and heal the injured area on its own. This can help in alleviating much of the pain without a person may be experiencing.

Dealing with back pain can be a very trying experience for most people. While pain medication can be helpful, they will not help in correcting the problem causing the pain. In such cases, seeing a chiropractor may be the best option.

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