Eye Care in Colorado Springs, CO is a Joint Effort Between You and Your Eye Doctor

The eyes are windows to the soul, but they’re also the soul’s windows to the outside world. Proper Eye Care in Colorado Springs CO is important to everyone, even those with perfect vision, so you need to have your eyes checked on an annual basis whether your vision is declining or not. Your ophthalmologist will examine your eyes to ensure they’re healthy both on the surface and within.

Among these measures is the pressure test, which checks for signs of glaucoma. Some doctors use a device that blows a noticeable puff of air into each eye whereas others gently bump the surface of the eye with a specialized tool. Each method provides a readout detailing whether your eyes are strong and sturdy or showing signs of lower than normal pressure.

Another common test involves shining a bright light into your eyes; if you’ve been to the eye doctor before, you’re well acquainted with this step of the process. Using the machine producing this near blinding illumination allows the doctor to look deep into your eyes through the pupil. He will be able to see the muscles and nerves within and ensure they’re working as they should. This is often a crucial point in diagnosing macular degeneration and other issues.

He will also be able to see any “floaters”, the tiny dots or wavy lines you often see when looking at a bright light. While it’s common to see a few of these from time to time, excessive amounts of them could indicate an infection or other problem. All this is the reason behind dilating your pupils during an Eye Care appointment. Dilating drops aren’t merely a hurdle to overcome while driving home; they allow the doctor to better see inside your eyes.

Between your yearly appointments for eye care in Colorado Springs CO, you can do your own part to keep your eyes healthy. Avoid designer contact lenses available from novelty stores as they can cause serious infections and damage. Wear safety glasses when working with chemicals, metal, wood, glass and other potentially hazardous materials. Sunglasses offer the same type of UV protection for your eyes as sunscreen does for your skin, so keep your sunglasses handy if you’re going to be exposed to sunlight. Working in conjunction with your eye doctor can help ensure your eyes serve you well for a lifetime.

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