VoIP Videoconferencing, What Is It?

VoIP refers to voice over internet protocol, when used for videoconferencing in Baltimore it allows people or groups of people who are physically located in different places to communicate using both audio and video. The typical equipment used is computers, microphones and cameras or webcams all interconnected using the internet or a WAN, wide area network. To make all of this work, software must be installed on the computers of both parties, this allows for conferencing using a secure network. This method of videoconferencing is very popular for social purposes but equally important as a business tool when presentations or meeting are given or held.

The actual term VoIP videoconferencing in Baltimore refers to the software that enables multiple parties to connect and communicate from remote locations. The software allows users to communicate using the computers video camera, microphone and speakers. The result can be as good as any telephone call with the added advantage of video and it all can be done without incurring any telephone charges.

For all of this to work the computers must be connected to a common network, in most cases the network is the internet but both local and wide area networks can and often are used. Depending on whether the network being used is private or public, the software that is employed is different. When the internet is being used the parties at each location can logon to the software and to maintain privacy and security, the parties use an encrypted password that only they know. Security in a public network like the internet can be undermined by malicious users who desire to hack into the conversation so care must be used; never divulge your personal password and change passwords frequently.

There are a number of ways that videoconferencing is used. In a professional setting, a corporate individual sitting behind the computer in Baltimore can easily connect to and discuss issues with employees who work in branch facilities on the other side of the world. In this way, managers of various remote offices can gather for a meeting and discuss issues of importance. In the past for this to happen either took expensive conference telephone calls or even worse, trips from the field to corporate headquarters, VoIP videoconferencing has eliminated the need for long distance calls and unnecessary travel.

If it is necessary for you to be in two places at the same time you can be by using videoconferencing in Baltimore. You are welcome to use the rooms at Gore Brothers or have the company connect you to the remote site from the comfort of your office.

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