The Three Major Types of Truck scales in Baltimore

Scales are used to carry the weight of the loaded truck. The truck weight scales are quite large in size. They have the capacity to carry large amount of weight of up to 36,000 kilograms or 80,000 pounds. The weight of the loaded truck is usually calculated by sensors. Sensors are special devices which detect the weight of the loaded truck and then display it on a monitor.

Types of Truck Scales

There are three major types of Truck scales in Baltimore. They include:

* Axle Systems

* Bending plate systems

* Piezoelectric systems

Axle Systems

Axle systems are one of the mostly used truck weight scales. With this system, axles are weighed one by one and then the total weight of all is presented. Axle systems are used when the truck is in the movement. The truck should not stop at all. The sensors of the truck scales detect the weight and record when truck is moving.

Bending Plate Systems

Apart from the axle method, the bending plate system is another technology you can use for the truck. With this method, metal plates attached to wires are used. High stress occurs on the metal plates and the less stress on the wires. You can select platform materials for both portable and permanent styles of truck scales. You can opt for concrete, wood, steel plate scales. However, the material you select will depend on the method you are using to weigh the truck. The material also depends on whether you are selecting it for personal use or another issue. The Cost of concrete and steel is almost the same. However, the major advantage of concrete is that it is not slippery when it is wet. In addition, the cost of its maintenance is very low and it is not affected much by chemicals.

Piezoelectric Systems

Piezoelectric systems are one of the mostly used Truck scales in Baltimore today. In this method, the sensors are used to detect the weight. These sensors are usually embedded in the material. On placing the weight, pressure is developed. This pressure the causes changes in the voltage of electric charge. The change in voltage is measured by the sensors and the load is calculated.



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