Visiting Vets in Alexandria After Getting A New Cat

When a family acquires a cat to keep as a pet, they will need to take the appropriate steps to ensure it has a long and happy life. Someone who has never taken care of a cat before may be a bit apprehensive about what to expect. Here are some general guidelines to follow after bringing the cat home to get it started off with a great life with their new family.

Consider Other Pets In The Home

If the family has other pets, it is a good idea to keep them away from the new cat during its first days in its new home. The pets can be introduced to the cat from afar. This will allow the pets to see each other without having physical contact. In time, the pets will be likely to get closer to each other. It is best to monitor this situation to ensure a pet does not lash out at the other during a confrontation.

Take The Cat To A Veterinarian

Soon after the cat is brought into the home, an appointment with one of the Vets in Alexandria should be made. A veterinarian will be able to check the cat’s health to determine if it is in need of any type of medical attention. They will also give recommendations to the family regarding the type of food to give to the cat and how frequently it should be fed. This will be determined by the cat’s weight and age. Later appointments will be made to give the cat immunizations or to have it spayed or neutered if desired.

Make Sure The Cat Is Comfortable

A cat will require a litter pan filled with cat litter. If the cat will be going outside, there should still be a pan available for elimination when in the home. A food dish and bowl of water should be placed in one area of the home so the cat knows where to look for it when it is hungry or thirsty. The family members should take time to pet the cat and play with it often.

When there is a need to find one of the Vets in Alexandria for a first appointment, a call can be made to a reliable service in the area. Contact Hayfield Animal Hospital to find out more today.

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