LuisaLuisa Mastectomy Bras for Post Surgery Comfortable Wear

The purpose of a mastectomy procedure is to remove a woman’s breast in order to prevent or minimize any possible risks of the recurrence of cancer in the breast area. There are single mastectomies and double mastectomies, the latter involving the removal of both breasts. Regardless of what procedure is done, the effects afterward can be significant upon a woman, both emotionally and physically. In the aftermath of her operation, a woman can benefit by having comfortable and supportive bra products to wear that help her move forward and function normally in the physical sense. These products, such as those in the line of LuisaLuisa mastectomy bras can help a woman achieve the solutions she needs.

LuisaLuisa Bras
Among the various LuisaLuisa products available on the market include the LuisaLuisa Pocketed Criss Cross BraCC300. This leisure bra has a hook and eye back closure, and is designed to securely hold your breast form. It is made from a combination of cotton and lycra and provides the comfort and support you need for everyday activities.

Post-Surgery Recovery Comfort
In the aftermath of mastectomy, it’s important for a woman to have an undergarment solution that minimizes the natural discomfort that occurs from such a procedure. A mastectomy is a major procedure that involves incisions and removal of tissue – this naturally can cause soreness around the area that can also inhibit a woman’s ability to move freely in certain ways for a period of time. It takes time for the area to heal. LuisaLuisa mastectomy bras can help prevent unnecessary irritation from occurring in this area by the comfort and support they provide.

If you have experienced a mastectomy, a big change has taken place with your physical body. Due to this, it’s important to carefully choose one or more LuisaLuisa mastectomy bras that will best meet your needs in terms of size, comfort, support and style. As you consider various options, check out the materials from which these bras are made. As well, make sure they can accommodate your needs in terms of comfort and flexibility, and that they provide you with the right fit for your needs.

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