Visit The Pet Store In Folsom, CA For All Your New Puppy Needs

New puppies are exciting. For most, it’s more than just getting a new pet, it’s like adding a new member to the family. Usually before getting a puppy, it’s a good idea to head to the Pet Store in Folsom CA to get some necessary supplies. Puppies may start out little, but their needs are many.

One of the first items a new puppy will need is a crate. A crate is important for housebreaking and also to keep the puppy safe when it can’t be supervised. Never leave a new puppy alone wandering in the house. It can be dangerous, and it also makes it practically impossible to housebreak, if it’s not contained. The crate will be the puppy’s home, a safe spot.

Another important item for a new puppy is a collar. It’s usually a good idea to attach a name tag with the owner’s phone number on the collar in case the puppy unexpectedly gets lost. Along with the collar, most people will purchase a matching leash for their new puppy. Puppies love to play outside, and it’s important to make sure they’re socialized properly while they’re young. With a collar and leash firmly attached, the owner can confidently take the puppy for a walk in the neighborhood, allowing him to experience many new sights and sounds.

Of course, aside from eating and sleeping, puppies love to play! Purchasing toys at the Pet store in Folsom CA is practically a must. Balls, bones, squeaky toys and stuffed animals are just a few of the toys puppies love. Toys keep the puppy entertained, active and encourage interaction between puppy and owner. It’s hard to have too many puppy toys.

Most pet stores, such as Lees Feed And Western Store, have a large selection of good quality puppy and dog food. It’s usually suggested to keep the puppy eating the food it’s familiar with for a while and then slowly switch to a different brand, if the owner prefers. Switching cold-turkey can cause stomach upset for the puppy.

Fortunately, most pet stores will have everything necessary for a new puppy. Being prepared before bringing the puppy home will make the transition smoother and less traumatic for both puppy and owner.