Important Times To Lease A Commercial Truck In Texas

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Automotive

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For Texas startup companies to established businesses of any size, having the equipment necessary to get the job done efficiently and on schedule is always a critical point. Customers with standing orders soon tire of delayed delivery or even having to wait for a few days to get a delivery scheduled if they are a one-time buyer.

To avoid these problems, all that can have a negative impact on your branding and company reputation, many companies choose to lease a commercial truck to handle the overload. Just a few late arrivals and customers will soon start looking for another supplier, and this doesn’t even count the problems that can occur if trucks are incorrectly packed trying to get as many deliveries on one truck as possible.

While it makes sense that when business is on the uptick to look into leasing, there are other important times when the option to lease a commercial truck is going to save your company money, stress and help to not just retain but to grow your customer base.

Seasonal Peaks

While the Christmas holiday season is always a time where there is an increase in orders, it isn’t the only time of the year most companies find they need more trucks on the road.

Summer is also a big sales time, particularly around the long weekends and holidays. By having the ability to rent a truck just for those few months, it is easy to work it into the budget.

Large Orders

In any type of industry from a moving company to a manufacturing company, you may find that there are atypical orders that come in. These are a great opportunity for growth, but they have to be handled correctly and professionally.

By leasing a commercial truck that is the right size to address this extra demand your company can provide the materials needed on time and without impacting any ongoing order and delivery schedule. Look for the option to lease a commercial truck without an extended lease period in this type of situation.

When Planning to Buy

One of the best things to do when considering a truck purchase is to lease the same make and model for a couple of months. This is a great way to put the truck through its paces, ensuring it will stand up to the type of driving you require.

This is a good option to allow your drivers to try out the vehicle’s maneuverability, fuel mileage and even cargo capacity during your typical Texas hauls and deliveries. Larger companies requiring more than one truck may even consider a side-by-side comparison of different makes and models to ensure they are getting the best truck for their specific hauling needs.

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