Viera, Florida: A Vibrant Community

North East Florida is home to many communities. Some, such as Melbourne and Titus Ville have been around for many years. Others have not. This is the case with Viera, Florida. Viera is a planned community. It was organized to create and maintain a specific type of urban environment.

While some people perceive these regularized developments as sterile and suburban-like, planners do not. They view this as an opportunity to create a place in which growth creates a positive impact on its surroundings. They also consider it a chance to produce a living environment in which all the parts work together to create a community.

Describing Viera Florida

Viera was made for all types of family units. Whether you are single, married or divorced you can find a home in Viera. This planned community is designed to provide almost everything a person needs to enjoy a modern lifestyle. Elementary and high schools help parents see to the education of the children. Various churches help them “keep the faith.”

Whatever a non-planned community has, this planned one also has. An art gallery, various places to eat and drink and, of course, places to shop. Several of these basics combine in the Avenue Viera with its greenery and artwork making it different from other urban malls. There are typical lower priced chains/box stores as well.

Viera also provides health care facilities, government resources and even employment opportunities. In fact, it provides an atmosphere where everything possible in an urban centre is available. Yet, the atmosphere and setting are new and form part of a master plan.

Fun in Viera

This does not mean that everything in Viera Florida is planned. There are plenty of activities that are fun no matter who you are or where you live. When it comes time for children to play, for seniors and lovers to stroll and others to go hiking, Veira offers them choices. In total, there are six community parks. There are also several smaller parks for children and adults to enjoy.

The parks include, Clubhouse Park, Suseda Park and Woodside Park in Viera East. These are suitable for children since they come fully equipped with playground equipment. Running off of them are trails for exploring. Clubhouse Park is particularly favored for its various sporting facilities while Suseda is great for picnics in the warm weather as it is beside a small lake.

In Central Viera, you can find Eastwind Park, Westwind Park and North Solerno Park. Children and adults enjoy them for their pools and modern play ground equipment. As a 20-acre park, North Solerno provides more opportunities with its sports fields. It also boasts two picnic pavilions. For some it is the “climbing rock” section that makes it attractive.

There is always something for children and adults to do in Viera Florida. From going to school and work merely blocks away to catching professional baseball players, the Washington Nationals when they arrive at the Space Coast Stadium every year for spring training. Catch a game now or, if you prefer Minor League games, show up when the Washington affiliate team – the Brevard County Manatees, play.

It comes as no surprise to some that living in this planned community is actually enjoyable. For most who live there, they would not choose live anywhere else but in Viera, Florida.

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