Victim of a Dog Bite in Arlington? Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer to Receive Damages Compensation

It is very scary when a dog attacks a person. If it’s a large dog with an aggressive nature it can be very difficult to pull the dog away from the person. Sometimes it’s necessary for the police to even kill the dog to stop the attack. A person can be left with horrible wounds to their face and body, as well be traumatized by the event itself. If the dog owners were negligent in the way that they penned or restrained the dog, then they are liable for damages. Any person injured by a Dog Bite Arlington should hire a lawyer to file their claim with the dog owner’s insurance policy.

The lawyer from the Law Offices of Tom Hall will meet with the injured person for free to determine if they have a case against the dog owner. An injured person has a limited time to file for damages for a Dog Bite Arlington. If they wait too long they will not be able to receive any compensation. They do not have to wait for a local board to determine if the dog should be put down or if the owner should be fined. Their claim for damages is an independent procedure. It doesn’t matter if the dog or dog owner meant to hurt the person. What matters is the person was injured due to negligence and now has to pay for medical bills, make up for lost income and heal emotionally.

When an injured person looks for a lawyer to help them receive damages they should check to see if they are board certified in personal injury trial law. This special designation is reserved for attorneys such as Tom Hall who have dedicated a certain percentage of their practice to specific types of cases for three years, they have been evaluated by their peers and judges and passed a six-hour examination. Once the injured person has hired a lawyer and the claim has been filed, the negotiations begin. The lawyer ensures that the person gets the largest settlement possible. Click Here to learn more about the legal process of obtaining damages.

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