Using the Bible to Enhance Your Existing Quality Of Life

The bible stands alone in terms of both ancient and modern books. No other book contains such prophetic proof, displaying divine intervention to the highest extent. Many people wonder how the world can still exist after so much disbelief and destruction, but the answer is simple. God provides protection to all those who believe in him, providing them with undying salvation, protection and comfort. Whatever your reason for entrusting God, you can be sure to join his guild of enlightenment when you embrace his light and his word.

How a Prophecy Reading Could Benefit You

God wants you to receive his word, his prophecies and his guidance. A word of prophecy is usually delivered by a prophet, who has the ability to personally commute with God. By embracing his words, you then embrace the words of God, and this is the first step toward improving your life with the help from God and his Holy Book. People that find god find that their lives take on powerful positive transformations that they never thought possible prior to finding God.

Beware Of False Prophets

In the Bible, God warns us about the false prophets. These prophets wander the holy path with no true direction. They captivate stray followers and take them unto their own path, as opposed to the path of God. When searching for your prophetic guidance, you should make sure that you receive your words from someone who has the gift of God. This will give you the highest chance of success when it comes to your redemption, as well as providing you with the never dying support of God and his followers. Although this path isn’t always present, you can be sure to follow it with the help of his prophetic words. Master Prophet Jordan is just one example of a true prophet, as he has dedicated his life to helping others find the same salvation he has found. A true prophet does not get financial gain from his work or his gift, so this is something to remember when searching for your prophetic words.

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