Go to a Wholesale Fixture Supplier When You Decide to do Bathroom Remodeling in Kansas City

If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom, you don’t have to pay boatloads for an expensive designer. As long as you have a good eye for design, you can take care of this part yourself. If you’re a skilled do-it-yourselfer, you have it even better: You can do all of the work yourself and only buy the new fixtures and other elements you need!

Instead of shopping at a big-box store or a small hardware store, consider getting the required items from a company like Kitchens and Baths by Briggs. This company has a much bigger variety of styles than the typical outlets, and even better yet, they sell at wholesale prices! Going to such a massive wholesale outlet for your remodeling needs will allow you to move from the standard, boring options at the big-boxes and obtain the unique variations that are often seen only in high-end homes.

The tub is one of the major elements of the bathroom, and it’s the fixture that gives this room its name. It makes sense to install one that isn’t just a utilitarian place to take a bath. Go for a spa-style tub with jets for a relaxing experience that is far better than that given by the usual long, thin soaker tub. For better hygiene, choose an airjet tub. These tubs provide a jet-like massage and can handle water additives like teas, oils, and sea salt. Since the water doesn’t recirculate in an air jet tub, you never have to worry about cleaning out tubing.

Toilets are another major element, and one that you’ll use several times a day. Therefore, it’s smart to put a high emphasis on how comfortable your new one will be. Chair-height styles make it easy to get up and down from the sitting position, and some people find elongated seats to be preferable to round ones. Consider these options carefully instead of just putting “a toilet” in. You’ll enjoy your new bathroom much more if you get the one that’s the most comfortable to you.

Sinks and faucets are also very important, especially in a new bathroom. There is a huge array of styles available, but if you go to a wholeseler’s showroom, you’ll be able to see them directly. This will make it easier to choose which ones you want for you bathroom remodeling Kansas City.

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