Using an Attorney in Rockwall, TX to Fight DUI Charges

If someone gets arrested for driving while under the influence, they will want to hire a professional attorney in Rockwall, TX to help them fight charges to obtain a lower sentencing or reduction in fines. There are several steps a DUI attorney would take in an attempt to prove the person was not drinking and driving at all, or that they had a lower blood content level than recorded.

First, the accused person would need to obtain a list of witnesses to their whereabouts in the hours before they were arrested. If they were drinking at a bar, the establishment would be able to provide information showing exactly how much alcohol was ordered while they were present. If the person was at home or with friends, someone might be able to vouch for the amount of alcohol they had consumed, if any.

The arresting police officer would need to be questioned to see if they had conducted tests properly. If a breathalyzer had been used, it might not have been calibrated correctly, giving false readings as a result. The attorney would be able to request that any machinery used at the time of the arrest be tested to find out if it was in good working order.

The wording used at the time of the arrest may also come into play. If the arresting officer did not read the person their rights, they might not have understood why they were getting arrested at all.

Having the right attorney in Rockwall, TX is necessary for reducing or eliminating charges of a drinking and driving incident. If the person tries going to court on their own without an attorney present, they will have a difficult time proving they were not guilty of the charges they are trying to fight.

Calling the Law Offices of Tim Hartley is the best way to get started in the process of coming up with a strategy to fight any charges one has received. click here to browse the attorney’s website if desired. The contact information is listed on this page so a consultation could be made right away.

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